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VP of Engineering @ Cystellar, Founder @ Cryptosynk, Co-Organizer @ NodeSF Meetup, & Web 3.0 Evangelist

I am on a mission to build, promote and nurture Web 3.0 applications that will create a decentralized, serverless, and fair internet for everyone. Last decade I worked on many Web 2.0 applications in different domains from FinTech to SpaceTech. Some of my work includes building large-scale Streaming Data platforms, Conversational AI/NLP Chatbot, and Geospatial Data platforms. I have had the opportunity to live and work on three different continents and five countries. The most important thing I learned from all those teams I worked with was “People are more important than any specific technology. A small group of diverse and passionate people can build (almost) anything.” As a result, I am passionate about building high-performing teams where everyone thrives and belongs.