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Supporting NEAR Hackers

The grassroots developer community for NEAR Protocol.

City Hubs

Meetup with one of our local communities

We are constantly running IRL meetups across the United States; from hackathons; hacker houses, technical + education, and social events, we build the go to physical locations for local NEAR communities to thrive.

Education Programs

Learn from the best instructors

We are constantly educating each other, whether we are giving the latest ecosystem resources through NEAR Workshops or upskilling via BOS Academy!

Builder Groups

Shape the Protocol

We conduct vision groups from the leading engineers and stakeholders in the NEAR ecosystem to shape the future of standards, NFTs, and wallets on the Protocol Level.

Referral Network

Connect with anyone in the ecosystem.

We connect you with exactly who you need to scale your business in the ecosystem, from auditors, investors, marketers, developers, educators, designers, consultants & so much more! We are the 1 stop shop for resources in the NEAR Ecosystem.

A hacker house / hackathon every month for a year.

City Hubs


We got local city hubs popping along the way as we go on tour. Right now with NYC, Austin, San Francisco, & Miami active, we will be starting in D.C, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Portland, LA, San Diego & Denver.

Scaling the NEAR Ecosystem
Scaling the NEAR Ecosystem
Ecosystem as a Service
Ecosystem as a Service

Vision Groups


We are shaping the NEAR Ecosystem from a technical standpoint, bringing the biggest stakeholders & developers to streamline resources, solve the biggest shortcoming, and create open source resource. From NFT, Contract Standards, Staking, and Wallets, we are building the infrastructure for the decentralized Webs.

Education Programs


We are running cohort based programs throughout the year. the NEAR Ambassadors program, a non technical program tailored to teaching those the ins & outs of the NEAR Ecosystem, a Dev Advocacy program for Rust & one for Aurora (Soliditiy), designed to teach developers to teach other developers.


Learn, connect, and win.

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City Hubs

We are running technical, educational, & social meetups all year round all around the United States. Join a local NEAR city hub NEAR you today!


How do I join the Banyan Collective?

Click the join form above to fill out the Banyan Collective intake form.

What local communities exist?

Right now we are live in New York City and San Francisco. Check out, for more information.

How can I get involved with Banyan today?

Click the join form, build in a hackathon, learn in one of our educational cohorts, attend a local meetup, join the referral network, contribute in a Builder Group, or sponsor an initiatve.

What is Banyan's affiliation with the NEAR Protocol & NEAR Foundation?

Banyan Collective is Ecosystem as a Service for the NEAR Protocol. Banyan Collective is not the NEAR Foundation or a subset of NF. Banyan Collective is a grant recipient of the NEAR Foundation, team consists of past grant recipients and NEAR Foundation employees, but actions in no way reflect the NEAR Foundation. We were made to fill the gaps & supplement the need of the ecosystem's key stakeholders.